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Born Free 7 recap

Posted by Michael Fischer on

Well, what a week it was spending time with friends and fellow chopper enthusiasts in the beautiful SoCal country side. Here's a small photo recap to the week long trip from CO to CA and back

Time to get our stock of gloves together, amongst other special items to launch at TRIco first, then bring down to Born Free show

We unfortunately had to pack up some bikes in the back of the truck, instead of riding out, because we had to bring so much other product with us, but once we drove into the desert, we were ok with being inside the aircon with 115* temps outside.

The drive gets long sometimes, even the cars start blending into the background

As soon as we roll into LA county, we connect with some of our crew, and share the last minutes of our long journey from CO to LA

Brotherly love

Made it to TRIco, and posted up with the crew for all of Thursday, for some new product launch, before the DicE party at the Chun.

Day 1 at Born Free 7

Set up nicely, showing folks a little glimpse into some of the Abel Brown products, and the quality we pride ourselves and our products within.

Watching the Picture books play behind our booth, as we're set up with TRIco & DicE magazine

Day 2 - More madness

Joe's Shovel with our Nomad tent set up next to our booth.  Great photo booth for all folks

Wil having too much time cruising the isles with his Oxblood Mada gloves, beautiful pan, and Joe King helmet steeze.

What an amazing weekend, time to now relax and go chase some beach

Found and well deserved

Thanks for an amazing week Cali, friends, and Born Free.... till next year.  Roll out

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