A note from Abel Brown’s Founder, Mike Fischer: Abel Brown’s journey began 20 years ago when I started a career in crafting technical outdoor apparel. I was driven to help athletes and adventurers perform better on the field to on the mountain, by making their clothing and gear function and fit better. It’s a path that took me around the world, introduced me to more new craftsmen, and gave me insight into the different traditions of high-end garment workmanship and production. However, I noticed that when I finally got the rare moment to sit down with my sketchbook and let my mind wander, I saw a different creative direction manifest. Towards something timeless.

Abel Brown became that outlet for me to connect on a different level. It started with the name. I had a friend mention he knew an old pirate song, Abel Brown, the sailor. He didn’t have a set destination, he was a nomadic traveler. His journey felt oh so familiar with how life on the road, or oceans go. The vision for Abel Brown began here, the product that Abel Brown sought to supply began to manifest itself in my mind– and my notebook was starting to fill up. Here's how it all went down:

Abel Brown owner Mike Fischer using a sewing machine.
Many tales of journeys are relatively similar. They follow a common path and often end up with some sort of resolution, but what if the answer isn’t so clear? What if it doesn’t share tangible characteristics? What if it’s hard to measure? This is where the story of Abel Brown begins. 

Every road leads somewhere, but sometimes the road is taken without a destination in mind. Yes, along the way, we may run out of gas, and cash, or lose the keys. So we tap into our intuitive survival mechanisms. We learn to cope and adapt. We meet people along the way who help shape the experience, one that ultimately sharpens our sense of self. And in the end, the destination we might have set out for takes on new meaning. Abel Brown’s mission is to provide those who want to take on journeys of the unknown with products that encourage this lifestyle.

From the 1920s through the ’50s, America was home to a refined style. The kind of alchemy that lends itself to legacy-making. I’ve always been compelled by the men’s fashion spurred by that era. Craftsmanship reigned. Tailors that made fine-crafted suits slowly moved into motorcycle and workwear as rugged characters brought it to life. And if you looked toward the racetrack, motorsports inspired impeccable attire that was built to ride– which meant it was built to last. 

The marriage of stamina and style is something ingrained in the Abel Brown line. It means sourcing highly-considered materials from workshop studios all over the world that care about the process, and it shows. There's a reason that your hands can tell you more about the quality of a product better than your eyes can. After countless rounds of prototyping, sampling, messing up, and picking out every last fray, we bring our product to the showroom in small batch offerings.

The late Abel Brown flagship store in Fort Colliins.

Our technical gloves are built from deluxe Italian leathers, dyed to the exact colors that match the bikes and classic cars that drive us to our mission forward. T-shirts are cut from the softest organic cotton yarns available, and moto camping gear is specifically designed for the minimalist that doesn’t like to sacrifice comfort or quality. From our selvage denim to our waxed-cotton vests and jackets, these pieces pay homage to a classic American look, rooted in wrenches and the road.

Based in Colorado, where the same rugged and boundless landscape still inspires the Abel Brown’s story. As we continue to grow, the less static we become. We are blessed to have a base of friends and nomads that support us wholeheartedly, and share the lifestyle that Abel Brown cherishes. Alright, enough about us –  the journey is now yours. 

Motopacking bike with the Nomad motorcycle tent on the back.